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What is a Practitioner?

A Practitioner is a professional individual who has studied, trained and been licensed to offer special knowledge and expertise in more deeply understanding how spirituality and consciousness shape our lives.

Practitioners are a service order of Centers for Spiritual Living (CSL) dedicated to anchoring a consciousness of Truth, Wholeness and Oneness for all. They support you in improving your life experiences and assist you in making the changes you would like to create in your life.

How Do They Do This?

Practitioners use a very powerful form of affirmative prayer called Spiritual Mind Treatment (SMT) in addition to teaching you how to apply Science of Mind/Universal Principles in your own life. Life is always ready to create more Good in your experience using the principles as taught in Science of Mind, and a Practitioner is ready to help you apply these principles for successful living.

How Can I Access a Practitioner?

  1. You can receive a complimentary prayer at the end of each Sunday service.
    These prayer sessions are short. You will briefly tell your request and the Practitioner will do a prayer for you. There is not sufficient time for extended consultation on Sunday morning, so you may want to make an appointment for a private session.
  2. You may submit a written prayer requests and place it in the Prayer Box. The Practitioner Core of FCSL will pray for you and your request for one week.
  3. You can make an appointment for a private session with a Practitioner of your choice at a mutually convenient time. Most private sessions are one hour in length and are done either in person or by phone. Practitioners are professionals in private practice and are paid for their time in private sessions. Each Practitioner sets his/her own fee. However, no one is turned away for an inability to pay.

How Does Practitioner Work Differ from Therapy?

Spiritual Practitioners apply spiritual principles to their sessions. They begin with the idea that you are already perfect and whole. Through deep listening, dialogue and clarifying questions, they assist you in discovering what it is that wants to be revealed and therefore healed. Through this process and your desire, the Practitioner offers Spiritual Mind Treatment specifically suited toyour request.

Should I See a Practitioner if I Am Not in Crisis?

YES! Although Practitioners are helpful in a time of crisis, they are also helpful in assisting you to experience more Good, no matter how great life is at the moment.

I Have Taken Many Classes; Can I Do the Work Myself?

YES! You benefit from your own spiritual work and will be encouraged to continue to do so. It is also helpful to turn a difficulty over to a Practitioner who is not caught up in the emotion of the situation. A new perspective can give great insight.

What are the benefits of working with a Practitioner?

  • Gain clarity on the next steps of your spiritual evolution.
  • Have a spiritual partner who sees you in your greatness and knows that you are worthy of greater health, abundance, loving relationships and a greater life all around.
  • Receive a deeper understanding of spiritual laws and principles.

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