Board of Trustees

Our Mission

To be loving stewards of the Foothill Center for Spiritual Living, open to Divine guidance and to the voices of our community. Inspired by the principles of Science of Mind, our decisions and actions support our ongoing growth and prosperity.

Our Vision

We are a welcoming beacon of light, dedicated to spiritual growth, both individually and collectively. We Openly work together in peace and harmony for the highest and greatest good of all.

Our Values

Spirituality; Loving-Kindness; Respect; Commitment; Gratitude.


The FCSL Board of Trustees meets monthly and conducts an annual General Membership meeting, where policies and by-law changes are made, and new trustees are voted on.

The emphasis of BOT activities is on goals, objectives, strategies and policies to strengthen the center. The BOT establishes committees and volunteer groups, and monitors the operational process of the Center to insure the achievement of its goals.

Qualifications for serving on the Board include completion of the Science of Mind Foundations course, being a loyal financially supporting and active member.  The Trustee holds an office for 2 years. The officers include President, Vice President, Secretary,  and Treasurer.

Susan Nye, RScP

Vice President
Janice Kehoe

Carol Merideth

Pamela Down

Rev. Magie Buck

Maryellen Haddock, RScP

Jess Hollar

Peter Rolita, RScP