“The Spirit that raised Jesus dwells in each one of us. Everything is created from within – -Out.”  -Ernest Holmes

“There is One Infinite Mind from which all things come. . Talk, live, act, believe and know that you are a center in this One.” -Ernest Holmes

Beloved Ones,

This past Easter Sunday I spoke on “Broken Open.”  The perfect theme for Easter – broken open to the new, to the resurrection, the awakening.  Broken open to reveal the greater Self.  The pandemic has stopped us and is breaking us open to new experiences. Breaking us away from old belief patterns that have kept us limited.
The pandemic is breaking us out of our shell, our comfort zone, our old ways of being and believing. Being broken open is asking each one of us to awaken, to emerge into the new. As a plant breaks through the seed, a chick breaks through the shell, a butterfly breaks through the cocoon, transmutation is here this Easter more than any other time in our lives.
Nin says,”The time has come when the risk to remain tight as a bud, is more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” I believe we each are being asked to blossom into our Divine Nature. We are being asked to learn, to grow, to claim and live from the highest possible expression that awakens the Divine within.
Let’s bloom as we let go of fear, as we let go of worry – as we let go and we bloom. Together we rise up, as we raise and praise our life and the life of each other.  Something new is calling your name, Easter is an awakening time to allow the Glory within to shine.
Jesus was a man who became the Christ when he awakened in consciousness, giving up his belief in a God separate or apart from himself. Jesus would say,”It is the Father within that doeth the work.”  Jesus cultivated and opened to the power that lived within him, unifying with the Father/God. Jesus, the Christ, showed us the way to our personal freedom.
Today I invite each one of us to Bloom, to believe this truth lives within each and everyone of us. This truth is what sets us free. It’s time for us to give up the idea that we’re separate from God. I invite you to claim your Father/God as your unique awareness of being as Jesus did.   Claim today the blessings of God are yours.
I am Blessed.  I am Healthy.  I am Brilliant.  I am the Beloved Place where God shows up.  Thank you God.

Please take really good care of yourself, be safe, and be healthy.

When the time is right we will be together in person again, until then stay connected through Facebook and our website.

Love and Big Hugs
Rev Magie